ZettaOnline celebrates July with an article at Soloazar

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Our Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer, Milena Tsankarska, has an exclusive interview at Soloazar for July 2nd.


She shares her thoughts about being a part of an IT company with interests in fintech software development and the gaming industry. That combination enhances her confidence and, at the same time, presents a significant challenge for her.

Milena explained that her mail responsibilities are to create and develop different policies and marketing strategies not only for upcoming clients but also for those that are with us at that moment.

She admitted her new professional goals and shared more detailed information about ZettaOnline’s services.


See the whole interview with Milena Tsankarska at Soloazar here.

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As your trusted ally our aim is to support you and help you grow.

For us in ZettaOnline is important to know that you can rely on us to grow with you. We will be there for you helping you expand your business and achieving your goals, providing you a team who will tailor any solution to fit your ideas. We can adapt, educate and grow our team depending on your needs.

Providing you first class services and being your first line of defense, we know how important is to maintain a secure place for you. On the other hand employee education and support are crucial for your success. We believe it`s critical to be open and honest with all parties involved in our projects. We give you the ability to view the big picture and to be able to make the best decisions for your company.

That`s why we offer you 24/7 support, transparency and well-established policy and practice of openness in our culture. We want to make IT fun and easy, something that many others fail to do. We also put the needs of others first. We don’t simply provide support targeted to your needs. We also approach technology from a human-centred perspective, ensuring that our clients get the most out of their technological investments.


We help clients transform through consulting, industry solutions, business process services, IT modernization and managed services. Zetta online enables clients, as well as society, to move confidently into the digital future. We are driven by technical innovations and creative approaches to problems. We aren’t just working within the digital age, no, we are the new era.
Our team is continuously growing. With a people-oriented DNA, a relaxed work environment, team building events and room for your own ideas, we try to create the ideal foundation for productive work. Our flextime model enables every colleague to plan their day effectively and also give consideration to individual circumstances. For us, work is not only about technological innovation. It is about connecting people, about building trust with our customers and of course developing our people.

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