IT Infrastructure

We are building your IТ infrastructure from square one. Businesses are relying on numerous hardware, software and service solutions to manage their every-day work. Without the prior it experience, putting these components in place can be a difficult task.



Find the right hardware and software solutions

This stage is very critical and important. With you on board we will analyze your exact business case and research for infrastructure solutions that will fit your needs. We will setup test environments to simulate your daily routine in order to achieve a real case scenario.


Research and select the proper hardware and license vendors

We already have a pool of vendors with whom we have a long relationship and are able to receive good and affordable conditions. Most outsourced IT infrastructures can be hosted on our cloud platform. However there are some scenarios where we recommend to use external services where we can setup things for you.


Focus on simplicity

On hardware as well as on the software side you need to look for a solution that is as simple as it can be. In most business cases you don’t need a complicated in-house infrastructure. Most businesses can run completely web-based. That gives you and your employees the flexibility to access data wherever they are – an important factor in today’s modern economy.


Keeping things flexible and intuitive

If we disappear tomorrow – will your company still be able to run properly? In IT there is a bias to over-engineer things. Our approach is to prepare the software structure in a way that is standartised, structured and easy to follow. In code and documentation we leave a breadcrumb trail for employees and coworkers to orient themselves in the system.

Go for a solution that will grow along with your business

When we choose and setup the proper environment for your company or project one of the important factors we have in mind is scalability. Your Infrastructure needs to be easily scalable upon demand. In ecommerce for example at peak holiday times a significant performance increase is required. When planning your infrastructure every single part of it needs to be scalable.