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[Sept 09, 2007] ATSPACE.COM, the FREE Web Hosting Service of Zetta Hosting Solutions is among the top 3 free web hosts by user ratings.

[Aug 14, 2007] ZETTAHOST.COM offers new even lower prices on all web hosting plans!


I don't know why I haven't found your service before, but ATSPACE.COM is great. I've already recommended this FREE Web Hosting service to all my friends and colleagues.
Thanks for the good service, you are excellent!


I just want to thank you all for this great hosting :) I will recomend you to all i know...
Once more thank you for this great service!

Yours fan,
Martin Svensson

Web Hosting Services

Integrated hosting solutions that will accommodate all of your e-Business needs!
We are dedicated to taking the web hosting services to the next frontier, since we focus on providing high quality service and accountability.

Customers can rely on us to always have their web site online ...
... at the right time and at the right place!

Paid Web Hosting services:
- ZETTAHOST.COM - The pilot project of our company, founded in 2002, ZETTA HOSTING SOLUTIONS is a premier hosting destination for webmasters and developers on the Internet.
The high quality, low cost services, redundant server resources and customer care gives our customers the possibility for an unconstrained creativity in design of fully functional and interactive web sites.

FREE Web Hosting services:
- ATSPACE.COM - Hosting more than 160 000 user web sites. This service turned into a real online community accommodating the needs for web presence of a wide range users from just newbies on the Internet to highly experienced veteran webmasters!
It is a very powerful free web hosting service that offers 50MB of web space and UNLIMITED traffic and we give all this incredible power and flexibility for FREE!
Our philosophy is to maintain from LOW COST to NO COST status while providing an utmost level of services to all our customers.

Domain name registration

We offer one of the most comprehensive Domain Name Registration services on the web ever!

FREE Domain Names:
PROMOTION: FREE DOMAIN NAME + 1 Month FREE Hosting with every hosting plan! Just choose a domain name that best fits your product or company name and register it with one of our Web Hosting plans.

Domain Names registration:
- Ownership and FULL control over the domain with your user account in our management console.
- Domain transfer to us from your existing domain registrar has never been easier.
- Unhappy with your current domain and hosting provider? - Transfer to us NOW!
- Try our services and join a company where customer satisfaction and high quality service and accountability is a primary target.

Web Design & Development

Unbeatable prices!
- With a very reasonable price, we can deliver a professional Web site more affordable than most of our competitors.

Professional design, unique Look&Feel!
- You need a very professional looking and working web site to convey your business needs Our talented design professionals with have the vision to empower your new site today! They work with close cooperation with you to determine your exact fit and produce a great Web site that you will be proud of.

Fast delivery
- Working in a tight schedule is not a problem for your team. Our specialists are here to assure your web presence is absolutely satisfactory!

E-business growth and promotion capabilities
- We can boost your business growth, and market your site on the web!
An impressive collection of functional add-ons is at your disposal to order. Prepackaged advertising campaigns or custom designed packages are available for you and we will walk you through all upgrades when you start getting too much traffic. Competitors are often stagnant and cannot promote or support your web site growth!

Technical Support
- Ready to answer and assist 24x7, we place a priority on excellent customer care and make sure every issue is resolved to achieve utmost customer satisfaction, thus giving you the feel of the long-run commitment of our whole team.

Search Engine Optimization

Personal care!
Top search engine placement is important for any online business. A good search engine ranking results in many visitors and respectively sales! Without any top 20 ranks you probably spend a lot of time and money on your site, without anybody ever being able to appreciate it!

Unbeatable prices!
We provide complete Keyword Phrase Research, Natural Search Engine Optimization, Link Popularity / PageRank Analysis and Recommendations, XML Feeds and Paid Inclusion, Sponsored Listings Management and Detailed Reporting Services.
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